Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nayuruvi (Tamil) / Achyranthes Aspera (Botanical name) / Prickly Chaff flower (Common name)

Achyranthes Aspera
Family Name     : Amarantaceae
Common Name : Prickly Chaff-flower
Botanical Name  : Achyranthes Aspera

 Achyranthes aspera is a commonly called as Prickly Chaff flower and in Tamil language it is called as Nayuruvi.

It is type of weed distributed throughout the world. It is mostly seen in waste land. It will grow upto 3 feet. Flowers are bisexual having both male and female.


Leaves are bitter in taste, a laxative and useful for the treating vomiting, heart disease, piles, abdominal pains, dysentery and blood diseases.

It is one of the 21 leaves used in the Ganesh Pooja.

The whole plant contains the alkaloids achyranthine and betaine. Achyranthine, a water-soluble alkaloid, is reported to dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate and increase the rate and amplitude of respiration.

This plant is said to be used as safeguard against scorpions and snakes by paralyzing them. It is described as purgative, pungent, and digestive.

Roots are useful in treatment of cancer. Decoction of roots is used in stomach troubles.

The roots are considered to be more effective is used in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery.

The ash from the burnt plant, mixed with mustard oil and a pinch of salt, is used as a tooth powder for cleaning teeth.

This plant is cultivated as a food crop in China.

It is said to be the plant shows significant abortifacient activity in mice and rabbits.

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