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Mudakathan Keerai (in Tamil) / Balloon vine (Common name) / Cardiospermum halicacabum (Botanical Name)

Name                 : Balloon vine
Botanical Name : Cardiospermum halicacabum
Family                : Soapberry family (Sapindaceae)
Sanskrit              : Indravalli
Tamil                  : Mudakathan / Mudakkatraan Keerai

Balloon vine is called as Balloon plant or Heart-pea or Heart-seed.

It is type of climbing plant, grows rapidly into the tops of trees and mostly grows in south Asia, Central America, South America and throughout the world as annual plant.

It is grown in many countries as an ornamental garden creeper.

Mudakathan Keerai

It is often found as a weed along roads, bushes and rivers. Flowers are balloon like thin walled capsule, which contains several large black seeds. The seeds are black with a heart-shaped white spot. These capsules can be carried by wind and float freely on water.

Medicinal uses:

It is mainly used for curing join pain and nervous disorder. It is also having anti-diarrhea property and examined in homeopathic medicine.

In olden days in Tamil Nadu state (India) it is used as an food item.

Take a handful of Balloon vine leaves, clean it properly with water, grind with little quantity of water to make as paste and add it with dosa mix or else you can mix these cleaned raw leaves with dosa mix and then grind it to make dosa.

Mudakathan Dosa

Having this with our food twice in a month to avoid join pains and nervous disorder.

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