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One of the successes for farming is through integrated farming, which Includes growing Cows, Goat & Poultry, Which will give constant Income & Manure throughout the year.
So I started getting to know about various essential fodder crops. 


About EM:

E.M is an abbreviation for Effective Microorganisms

Microorganisms are tiny units of life that are too small to be seen with the naked eye and they exist everywhere in nature. Micro organisms are crucial for maintaining the ecological balance. They carry out chemical processes that make it possible for all other organisms including humans to live. There are friendly guys of the microbial worlds known as beneficial micro organisms and a not so friendly group called pathogens that are
Harmful and capable of producing disease, decay and pollution. 

See more for preparation methods & source.

Visit to Santhosh Farms, Pollachi 

Sathosh farms belongs to Mr Madhu Ramakrishnan, he is one of the pioneers in Organic farming, he said his attitude towards farming changed to Nature farming after he got trained himself from the master Masanobu Fukuoka (Author of One straw revolution) 


We'll come across lot of insects which we don't know whether it is beneficial or destructive. At least if we know them it will be easy for us to control. See the below link for more details


நீண்ட நாட்களாக காளான் வளர்க வேண்டும் என்று எண்ணி இருந்தோம் , அப்பொழுது July 2014 அக்ரி எக்ஸ்பொவில் இருந்த தமிழ்நாடு விவசாய ஸ்டாலில்லில் எங்களுக்கு காளான் விதைகள் கிடைத்தது. அதன் மூலம் காளான் வளர்க்கும் முயச்சியை தொடங்கி உள்ளோம் தேவையான பொரு... See More

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