Organic Farming

We everyone knows our daily food completely becomes poison and we want to get rid of that.


Few things are must for Organic farming to get good returns/yield. You must make your farm as Integrated farm / poly culture like planting different varieties of plants / trees which can grow in different conditions, different heights planted together which uses the maximum of water & air space. So that you will get returns at least from one plant if some other plants fails due to some natural factor not like Monoculture planting only sugarcane or groundnut or anyone variety of plant in our whole field will not utilize all the space in the farm and chance of virus spread on the farm.

Integrated Farming

When we think about organic farming first things comes into our mind is, how to control pest without pesticides. Yes you are right, most of our farmers use pesticides as a control method. But that's not the right choice.

Control Methods:

Let's think. How our forefathers able to cultivate without pesticides. Is that because of no insects those days? No It's not correct. It was there but there are other factors which control them. 

Mainly birds, flies, snakes as well as some animals will eat those insects causing damage to our plants and control them. It's also a food cycle. Now a days many birds and animal species vanished. It's mainly because of the pesticides and insecticides which initially killed some insects. Then all our agriculture outputs are with full of poison, so few birds/animals don't have food and died. In the food cycle everyone has a role, now the birds are not there insects are more. Not only that, due to those insecticides and pesticides our soil gets spoiled, plants getting weak. In this situation we are in need to some control methods and went into a wrong direction.

Still we have many options to go back but for that we have to follow few steps.

What we have to do... 

The first thing we need to make our soil fertile. Stop spraying pesticides. Since we have sprayed tons of poison in our soil it can't be reverted back in a single day or a year. Slowly we have to change. For that as an initial step we need to plant some trees so that let some birds comes and stay over there. Next a native cow is must. Grow some hens, ducks, fishes. So the waste from one will be used by others. Cattle's waste goes to soil where it becomes food for small living creature's below the soil like earthworms , the earthworm waste becomes food for plants. Plants are food for cattle's again. This will complete the nature's food cycle. To get a living soil we should stop using any chemical inputs like fertilizer and pesticides.

Apart from the above to make our soil fertile and make our plants healthier we can prepare the below items and provide to our soil.

Earthworm Manure
Amirtha karaisal
Meen Amilam

All the above are prepared from output of cow and with our farm output such as Cow dung, Cow urine, Milk, Curd, Ghee & Meen Amilam with fish waste.

These will decompose our agriculture waste quickly, make our soil fertile, provide fine easy absorbable content to the plants.

Earthworm Manure Preparation - Vermicompost

Here we are sharing our learning in preparing Earthworm manure (Vermicompost) in open bed method


I'll let you know how to prepare those three items in the next post.

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