Tips on Nature & Agriculture

Rainwater Harvesting:

Please don't let a single drop of rainwater to go out of your field. Try to store it within your field itself, this will increase the ground water level and also will avoid erosion.

Erosion will remove healthy top soil from your field.

Dig drenches in and around your field to store rainwater.  

Avoid Pesticide:

Please try to avoid using Pesticides in your field. This will slowly spoil your soil health and your health. Finally one day your soil will be useless for cultivation as nothing will grow.

Killing insects itself is against nature. There are two types of insects, one type will spoil our crops and another type will help farmer by killing those insects which spoils our crop and helps in pollination which in term increase yield.

We'll come across lot of insects which we don't know whether it is beneficial or destructive. At least if we know them it will be easy for us to control. See the below link for more details

If we use insecticides will kill everything including the good insects.
Instead if we use natural pest or insects control methods, it will be good for our health and day by day it will increases the yield.

Earthworm :

As a initial stage before plantation we need a fertile soil. Earthworm will make your soil fertile and itself plough your land regularly. Earthworms are considered to be the farmers friend. When you avoid using pesticide and avoid ploughing your land, earthworms will start growing in your field. As a initial stage you can buy earthworms from farmers and leave in your field (See the below video for multiplication of earthworm). Earthworm will do everything for your. Agriculture waste such as dry leaves, dead plants, waste vegetables, fruits and cow dung will be food for earthworms.

Here we are sharing our learning in preparing Earthworm manure (Vermicompost) in open bed method

Post your comments and suggestions if any.

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